International Moving Company For Families and Businesses,
Military and Government Personnel

Full House Moving & Storage professional moving crews help make family move to, from and around Washington DC easier

We can help make your international move fast, efficient, and worry free.

Moving internationally is no joke. It goes beyond just a simple question of what goes in what box. You're leaving the life that you, and possibly your family, have built. Everything familiar is going away to be replaced by a whole new world, where you won't know what to expect and what you will need.

The distance you'll be moving and the paths your goods will have to take to meet you there, are longer and more complex. With the added cost, you have some real hard choices ahead. What to take with you? What to leave behind? What to put in storage? What to donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army?

With Full House Moving & Storage, you can count on your decisions being the only thing you have to worry about. The rest you can leave up to our teams of expert movers. Whether you're shipping it, storing it, donating it or selling it, we can provide the right transportation for your goods to get where they're going, and you can focus on getting where you're going.

For Families and Individuals

Your family is leaving everything they’ve known behind. They’re heading somewhere very different from where they’ve been. Your household goods are a their source of comfort, an anchor from their world before giving them the confidence to grow into the new. With all that’s at stake, can you really afford to entrust it all to movers for whom you and your family are just a number?

At Full House Moving & Storage, our customers never feel like just another number. That’s because when you call us, you aren’t talking to a salesman for whom you’re just another paycheck. You’re talking to me, Steve Bonkowski, the owner. I am going to work with you and your family through every step of the international moving process, making sure your move is worry free.

We’ll Move Your Business Around The Corner Or Around The World

You can never know where the path to success will take you. An International economy means that businesses must pursue opportunity where ever it may be found, even if it is beyond the borders of our home. If the time has come for you to seek your fortune elsewhere, Full House Moving & Storage is here to make it happen. Having moved businesses since 2003 to, from and around the culturally diverse Washington DC area, we’ve helped several businesses take their operations abroad. Call today for a free International Moving quote for your business.

For Military and Governement Personnel

As a former Corporal in the United States Army, helping move military personnel and their families is very near and dear to my heart. For me, they are never just customers. They’re family… my brothers and sisters in arms. I know first-hand the stress of working for Uncle Sam, especially when it comes to moving your family overseas. For all you sacrifice in the service of our country, you deserve the very best in customer service.

At Full House Moving & Storage that’s exactly what I promise you’re going to get. I will make sure that your transfer to your new duty station goes smoothly. Any items you take with you will be packed securely for the trip. Anything you choose to leave behind, I make sure it gets stored in the best facilities. That way you can go and take care business over there, and not have to worry about your stuff being safe and sound back here.