Don't Take Our Word For It That We're The Best Movers In DC

Our best advertisers are our clients

As they say, Word of Mouth is your best advertisement. Earning customers' referrals is just good business. At Full House Moving & Storage, we do it the old fashioned way: through customer satisfaction. We help make families' moves as easy at they can be. Our #1 goal is your satisfaction and peace of mind, so that, at the end of the day, when your friend, your neighbor, or the guy next cubicle says they're getting ready to move, you tell them exactly who they should call.

Thank you Steve for the wonderful Job your crew did for me. I was so stressed out this week from all the packing. I didn’t realize I had so much. When you called to confirm on Wednesday you relieved a lot of the stress and I thank you for bringing extra boxes to help me finish my packing. The crew got here on time and they were so patient and professional. The move is done and I thank you, and your crew, for making my move go so smooth. If I move again I’ll definitely use your company.
Thank you again,
Carla Banks

Steve, thanks for the crew you sent me on Saturday’s move. The last time I moved, I used another company that wasn’t on the BBB and what a difference. I was also in the Army and it’s a testimony to the military carrying on the discipline into the civilian work force.
Thanks Again,
John Freeman

I just want to say thank you to Full House Moving and Storage for the outstanding job they did on my move. They were so well mannered, on time and definitely knew what they were doing. The movers that I hired prior to going with Full House Movers seemed to have trouble getting my furniture in and out of the house, “But not these Full House guys”. They made everything look so easy but yet they got it done so fast. . . .

Thank you Steve and full house moving for making this the best move ever!
Nicole Connor

I’m sending this to the owner of Full House Moving, I’ve moved 3 timed in 3 years and the movers you sent me were the best crew I’ve had. It was nice being able to communicate with them. The 3 men were professional and very polite. I got a call to confirm the move the day before, which I appreciated knowing that I was still in the schedule. Thank you for not charging me all the hidden costs the other movers did, I’ll recommend your company and when I need to move again, I’ll differently call you.
Thank You,
Sonia Flores

Thank you Steve, and Full House Moving for the terrific job the crew did this week. Me and my wife were so very stressed out with everything that was going on, and you guys put our minds at ease. Buying our new house was one trying event. But finding a good moving company to get our stuff in, and for a reasonable price was another challenge all of its own. So when our Real Estate agent turned us on to your company, we had to see for ourselves. . . . Your crew protected our furniture, as well as our new wood floors with the best care I have ever seen and we moved about 5 times in the last 8 years.

Thank you for a great crew and not charging us all the extras after the move was done. So again, thank you Steve and Full House Moving. . .
The Obermanns