Moving & Packing Tips

Being prepared on move day is very important. Time is money. The more prepared you are the quicker and smoother the move will be.

  • The crew will disassemble and reassemble beds, mirrors on dressers, etc.
  • Boxes should all be well taped. Do your best not to overweigh boxes. Books, compact disc, tapes should all be put in smaller boxes. Do your best to close and tape the tops of all the boxes.
  • Stereo systems and computers, should be unplugged and the wires wrapped. Saves time and You know how everything reconnects.
  • Black bags can be used for pillows, comforters, and blankets to save on boxes.
  • Hanging clothes can be moved by the crews in moving pads. Dry cleaned and pressed clothing can be moved in wardrobe boxes. Mention this when booking. Wardrobes can be rented for $3.00 each and the boxes will be on the truck for moving day.
  • Kitchen: When packing glasses and dishes make sure you put newspaper or packing paper between each piece for protection. Label and put aside extremely fragile boxes like crystal. Consider using Bubble wrap for these items.
  • Dressers, chests, ect. Yes they should be emptied especially particle board furniture. During a move, weight in dressers puts pressure on the runners that slide your drawers in and out. Use your discretion. Light clothing is ok but coins, books, compact disc, ect. Should be removed.
  • Boxed furniture that are put together in rooms should be considered. Sometimes you can’t get the piece out of a room when it was assembled in that room.

REMEMBER: These are just tips for Frequently Asked Questions. The crew is there to do a job. DON’T BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU’RE NOT READY!!!, we will take care of it. What we do ask is you be honest when booking so we can schedule everyone to the best of our ability. Any other Questions feel free to give us a call at 703-577-4667.